My Bucket List

I've been thinking a lot recently about things I want to do in my life and things I want to achieve, so I thought the best thing would be to do a list, a proper written one, rather than just a shed load of ideas in my head and then I can add things (or cross things out) as I go. I have already done some things that I would have put on this list otherwise, such as watching Take That at Wembley, doing a 130ft abseil and having children so I'm just going to concentrate on the things I haven't done yet.

At the grand old age of 31, this is my bucket list:

1. Give Blood  11/07/13
2. Swim with Dolphins.
3. Visit St Basil's Cathedral, Moscow.
4. Ride on a steam train - 29/08/13
5. Pass an exam. - actually a professional certificate, but close enough! 2016
6. Complete a 10km run without walking - Actually did 10 miles :-) 26/10/14
7. Go to a festival (Lollibop doesn't count!) Camp Bestival 2015
8. Take my children on an aeroplane  - Gran Canaria 2016
9.Watch a horror film...all of it.
10. Go scuba diving.
11. Learn another language well enough to have a conversation with a native. 
12. Be kissed in front of the Le Mur Des Je t'Aime.
13. Go to a yoga class.
14. Make a memory quilt.
15. Learn how to face paint.
16. Send a message in a bottle.
17. Post a letter on the wall of Juliet's house.
18. Spend New Year in Times Square.
19. See Paloma Faith sing "Just Be" live.
20. Eat a Croissant in a Patisserie in Paris.
21. Eat in an American America.
22. Witness an Eclipse.
23. Throughout the year, write down memories that make me smile. On New Year's Eve, open it up and reread all of the good stuff that made the year wonderful! 
24.Watch "Gone With The Wind".
25. Own a pair of Louboutins.
26. Visit Rio De Janeiro during carnival.
27. Watch my children get married.
28. Kiss under Mistletoe - Xmas 2013
 29. See the Northern Lights.
30. Take Afternoon Tea at a posh hotel or restaurant.
31. See Coldplay play live.  June 2016
32. Make a 3 course meal completely from scratch.
33. Visit Stonehenge.
34. Go on a barge holiday.
35. Fly First Class.
36. Stay at the Atlantis Resort in Dubai.
37. See Cirque De Soleil.
38. Do a good deed every day for a week.
39. Make someone's dream come true = 26/06/14
40. Own a British Bulldog.
41. Learn to ski.
42. Take singing lessons.
43. Learn how to do the Waltz.
44. Climb a mountain.
45.  Visit The Metropolitan Museum of Art.
46. Volunteer at a soup kitchen/homeless shelter.
47. See a musical on Broadway.
48. Watch a match at Wimbledon (the tennis tournament, not the tube station)
49. Take a photo every day for a year, and blog it.
50. Go to Midnight Mass.

By my calculations I (should) have about 50 years left on earth, so that's one thing off my list per year...perfectly achievable :-S


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