About Us

Welcome to Toothpaste On Your T-Shirt!

My name is Linz and I am a British mum of 4.  I started this blog as I wanted somewhere to record all the important moments in life it is so easy to forget, like an online diary I guess, however it has since progressed to more of a parenting lifestyle blog that covers lots of different things.

I mainly cover the topics of having and bringing up children, cooking (I am a Slimming World devotee), fashion and entering competitions.  I also feature product and event reviews and my own giveaways. I also am a host surrogate, I had my first surro-baby in June 2014 (which you can read about here).

"TOYT" averages over 8000 page views per month, I have over 4000 Twitter followers, over 1000 Instagram and 500 Pinterest followers so if you have an opportunity we might be interested in or would like to speak to me about what we could do for your brand please drop me a message via the "Contact Me" page.  We have been very fortunate to work with some great brands in the past such as Discovery, Campbells Soups, Pizza Express and Speedo.   

Why "Toothpaste On Your T-Shirt"?

There are 3 reasons:

1.  I wanted a totally different name for my blog, something that I could be assured that there was nothing out there that was remotely similar at all. 

2.  I utter that phrase to my children every single morning ("Make sure you don't get toothpaste on your t-shirt please").

3.  Do you know how when you accidentally get toothpaste on your t-shirt you furiously scrub at the offending white stain with a flannel, you think its gone and you wont have to change your top so you go to work.  By the time you get to work the stain is back and is as pronounced as it was in the first place and then you're stuck with a massive white stain on your top and no cardigan to cover it up.  This is the story of my life, and I'm not just talking about toothpaste.

This is me

I am 35 and I live in the South of England.  I love horses and the colour pink.  I am mad about fashion and beauty products and don't really fit with the typical "multiple mum" stereotype.  That said I am a real home-bird (typical Cancer) and like nothing better than looking after the people that are important to me in life.    

This is "The Other Half"

He likes running, Indian food and football.  He looks like a thug but in fact is as soft as they come ;-)

I have 4 beautiful, amazing children.

This is Chloe

Chloe is 13.  Chloe is a intelligent, intuitive girl with a wicked sense of humour.  She loves the same things as me, apart from Marmite. 

This is Charlie

Charlie is 10.  Charlie is a very laid back young man who takes life as it comes.  He loves Ben 10, dinosaurs and anything that works via a remote control.

This is Alfie

Alfie is 8.  Alfie is the complete opposite of Charlie, he is a complete live wire.  He is never still and is always asking questions. He loves the same things as Charlie, which most of the time causes problems.

This is Grace

Grace is 6.  Grace and Alfie are like two peas in a pod.  She is turning into a very bright little girl, although is still clinging onto her "Baby" status for dear life! She is a loving child and hates to play or sleep alone, she is often curled up at the end of one of her sibling's beds in the morning.  Grace loves virtually anything she can lay her grubby little mitts on (pens, the cats tail, worms....)

That is us.