Tuesday, 21 March 2017

30 Party Games for Children

I have four kids between the ages of 7 and 14, therefore I have organised a lot of kids parties!

I also have a job that involves organising events, many of which are children's parties also.

When I first started organising parties I struggled to come up with ideas of how to entertain my guests without having to pay £200+ for a professional entertainer.  When I did hire entertainers I often found that the kids used to bore easily and it was difficult to find something universal that all age groups could enjoy.

Over the years I have come to the conclusion that the way forward is to run my own games (with a little help from my friends and family to keep order) and throw in a bit of balloon modelling!

Let me just stress, I am a VERY basic balloon modeler - YouTube taught! I can do a flower and a sword, which pretty much covers all bases.  These are the balloons I bought to begin with, you also need a decent pump.  It wont take you long to master those two things, a few hours perhaps.  It is incredibly satisfying when you do though!

Anyway on to the games...

1. Musical Bumps - sit on the floor as fast as possible when the music stops, slowest is out!

2. Musical Chairs - dance/walk/jog round the chairs and sit down when music stops, person without a chair is out, a chair gets taken away each time.

3. Egg & Spoon Race

4. Pin the tail on the donkey

5. What's the time Mr Wolf?

6. Musical Statues - Stand still when the music stops, anyone caught moving is out!

7. Pass the Parcel

8. Three Legged Race

9. Simon Says - Do an action as long the caller says "Simon Says" before the action.

10.  Pinata

11. Blind Mans Bluff

12. Balloon Relay

13. "Greetings O Great One!"

14. Sardines

15. Duck, Duck, Goose - sit in a circle, one person walks round outside saying duck, duck, duck and then pats someone on the head and says goose – the goose has to jump up and chase them round the circle

16. Grandmother's Footsteps - One person is "Grandmother" and stands at the front. Everyone else stands in a line across the room. When Granny turns round anyone caught moving is out!

17. Escape the Monster - 2 adults are monsters on one side of the room, children are lined up on the other. Children are told to make it across the forest without being caught, if the monster catches a child they become a monster too.

18. Sleeping Lions - Everyone lies down, walk around and try to distract them. Anyone who moves is out.

19. Hide and Seek

20. Crawling Race

21. Musical Animals - Shout out an animal when the music stops and they all have to pretend to be that animal. Anyone not being that animal is out.

22. Doggie, Doggie where's your bone? - One child is the “doggie”. All the children sit down in a group. The child designated the doggie will sit in front of the group with his or her back facing toward them.  The doggie places the bone behind their back and closes his or her eyes. One of the children quietly sneaks up and grabs the bone then places it behind their own back. All the children then sing: "Doggie, Doggie, where’s your bone? Someone stole it from your home!"
At that point the doggie opens their eyes and turns around and tries to guess who has the bone. Afterward another child takes their turn as the doggie and the game is repeated.

23. Charades

24. Balloon Burst - In this game the kids will bop a balloon in the air while dancing to music. When the music stops whoever was the last person to touch the balloon must pop it and complete the challenge inside.

25.  Dragon Egg Bust - The kids sit in a circle and pass a dragons egg (balloon) around while the music is playing.  When the music stops whichever child is caught holding the balloon must bust it open as fast as they can to retrieve the gold coin (plastic) inside. They can then trade the gold coin in for a small prize.  After a person is caught with the dragon egg they must sit out for the rest of the game. The game continues until there is only one player left.

26.  Pokeball Snatch and Catch - Players divide into teams of two and compete to see who can collect the most pokeballs.  First you will need to create a couple a dozen pokeballs.  You will do this using ping pong balls and a red and black markers. Give one player from each team a spoon and the other a baseball cap.  Sit the players from each team across from each other - spoons on one side, caps on the other. Place a bowl with all the pokeballs on the side of the players with spoons.  On go, the players with plastic spoons take a pokeball and use the spoon to try and launch as many pokeballs into their teammates cap.  After a minute whichever team has the most pokeballs in their cap wins!

27. Catch the Alien - This is a perfect game for your space theme party. I think it makes a fun twist on the pinata. You put on a Green Alien mask and the explorers must try and catch it with their space wranglers (hula hoops). When the alien is lassoed he throws out a handful of theme candy for his release. This game continues until all the candy is gone.

28. Bobbing for Doughnuts - Hang each doughnut from the ceiling or a tree branch using string or ribbon. Make sure each doughnut is hanging low enough that each child can touch it with their mouth. To Play: Each participant takes their place in front of a hanging doughnut and places their hands behind their back. On the start of go they each try and eat their doughnut (without touching it with their hands) as fast as they can without dropping it. First one who finishes wins!

29. Egg Toss - Couples stand at least 6 foot apart and toss a raw egg between them. The couple who throw it between them for longest, without breaking it, wins!

30. Bingo!

So there it is...my 30 best party games for children!

Top Tip: Make sure you have plenty of stickers for "Runners-Up" and stock up on cheap prizes throughout the year to make sure you're never caught short!

What are your favourite party games?


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