Monday, 2 November 2015

Living with back pain..please help me!

So last week I was off work as it was half term, and I had lots of fun things planned..crafting, baking and even a trip to London to see the lovely people from Tomy Toys at Hamleys.  However on Tuesday I woke up with a pain in the bottom of my back like I have never experienced before, I couldn't put one foot in front of the other without crumpling to the floor like a sack of spuds.  But I haven't had any kind of trauma or accident so what on earth is the matter with me?! 

I have been to see the GP, who has prescribed me with Co-Codamol, Naproxen and Diazepam and has told me to go back in a few days time.  If there is no significant improvement then he's going to send me for an MRI.  Sitting is painful, laying down is marginally better but with four kids I can't spend my life horizontal.  I also decided to go and see an Osteopath, but to be honest I felt like I might of well as thrown £40 down the nearest drain that's how much good it did me! 

So do you have any tips? Who out there has lived with back pain and can offer me some advice.  It's that debilitating I just want to cry, I feel like I ruined the kids half term by not being able to do anything I'd planned.  Please someone, help me! 

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  1. Sorry to hear this, sometimes when the body gives you pain you just have to rest and not move, even though it is frustrating. This might just be a short term problem, if not ask you doctor about nerve pain meds and a referral to the pain clinic. Hot or cold compresses can sometimes help. Proper support for the feet and try not to wear heels.

    It Could be Sciatica, "Sciatic pain can vary from infrequent and irritating to constant and incapacitating. Specific sciatica symptoms can be different in location and severity,
    While symptoms can be painful and potentially debilitating, it is rare that permanent sciatic nerve damage (tissue damage) will result"