Wednesday, 15 January 2014

"I'm Not The Mom, I'm Just The Stork" - 16 Weeks Pregnant

Well, i'm 16 weeks pregnant already and I can't believe how quickly time is flying!  We've got our 2nd midwife appointment tomorrow, I wouldn't say i'm excited exactly but i'm really looking forward to seeing T and the fact that she'll get to hear their baby's heartbeat.  

Im feeling quite well at the moment, the sickness and tiredness is coming under control and I sort of feel normal (as normal as I ever am anyway!) - apart from my rapidly expanding waistline that is.  It's surprised me how quickly the bump has come on, as it's gone from not being really very noticeable to anyone but me to being blatantly obvious I'm pregnant in a few short weeks.

To be honest the fact that i'm eating ALOT probably doesn't help the size of my belly, I didn't eat very much the first 4-6 weeks due to how sick I was, however I've already more than made up for that and I can't stop now!  I need to get a grip on it though as I don't want to end up putting on more weight than I need to, it'll just be painful to get off in the end and i'll regret overeating.  I've not really overeaten in my previous pregnancies and always been lucky to regain my shape quite quickly, but i'm getting older now and it won't be as easy in my 30's as in my 20's I am sure.

As mentioned above my tiredness hasn't been nearly as bad as it was in the first trimester, however all my recent blood tests have shown my iron levels to be low.  This did not come as any great surprise to me as I have suffered with anemia through all my pregnancies, not that it's ever really come to anything.  Alfie, my 3rd child, was an elective was such a positive wonderful experience.  I wasn't allowed to have one with Grace though as my iron levels were too low in my last few weeks and it increased my chances of post delivery hemorrhaging.  There's no way i'd even consider even mentioning a homebirth this time as the baby isn't mine so really it doesn't matter too much as long as i'm feeling well. 

I fell down the cellar stairs in my house last week, which was a horrible experience.  The stairs are really steep and have big gaps in them and I managed to fall from about the 5th step up.  I was lucky that I managed to fall down on my back rather than falling down on my front, so I pretty much knew the baby was OK..but to be safe I went to see the Dr the next day and he gave me the once over including a very quick ultrasound.  Baby D was there, clear as day, moving around just as in the 12 week scan - I don't think it will be long before I'm feeling the movements as it definitely looked a little more cramped than the last time.

Whilst browsing the web this morning I came across a US Surrogates blog and although there is many differences between US and UK Surrogacy, which is a far too detailed and complicated issue to go into here, there was something I really liked, and that was this phrase:

Kind of cheesy, I know, but I do like it and from now on I shall refer to myself as 
"The Stork".


  1. That is such a lovely term being 'the Stork' I will definitely be nabbing this off of you! Lovely post and I hope your enjoying your pregnancy more now it's less sicky!
    Accidental Sunshine

  2. I've stumbled across your blog via the UK bloggers fb group. I am now a bloglovin follower. I love how you're talking openly about being a surrogate mum, or "the stalk".