Sunday, 27 October 2013

My Dream Garden Makeover

When we moved into our house a year ago the garden was a complete mess, it was covered in concrete and wasn't a safe or inviting place for the children or us.  Earlier this year we worked really hard to make it into a space that we could all use and enjoy, and I was pretty happy with the progress we made.

Since the "After" photo was taken I have now replaced the remainder of the fencing on the right hand side so it looks alot nicer (not today though as the grass is massive because of all the rain we've had!).

Now this summer is pretty much over and the basics are done we're starting to think about how we can make the garden pretty and a really fabulous place for the kids to play and us to relax.  

I think the most important thing, with 4 children under 11, is to have some functional play equipment and whilst browsing the Activity Toys Direct website I came across this TP Toys Forest Lodge, which I think would be perfect for us as it has a decent sized slide, a playhouse (which Grace would love especially) and is also small enough to fit comfortably at the bottom of our narrow garden. It's also a great price at £315 with free delivery!

Every playhouse needs a kitchen and I love this Step2 Fun Outdoor Grill...and I know Grace would have a blast cooking us up some tasty BBQ treats and whizzing down the slide to deliver them.

We have a small patio area with a table and chairs for the adults, however I would also like for the children to have their own picnic bench like this Plum Circular Picnic Table.  The price is £55.99 and I think this is a piece that would last us for years, it also comes with a manufacturers guarantee which is great for my piece of mind.

The thing the kids would like the most is this TP Toys Surroundsafe 8ft Trampoline.  This trampoline also ticks all my boxes as it incorporates Surroundsafe technology which means all the springs are safely enclosed within the surround. In our previous house we had a trampoline where the springs were exposed and more than once we had a leg trapped down the hole between the springs.  The kids could have hours of fun with this and I would be safe in the knowledge that there would be no nasty accidents. Priced at £209.99 (again with free delivery!) I think it is an absolute bargain.

So what about the rest of the garden?  We all love gardening and have worked on our flowerbeds and pots a little bit over the summer.

I would love to keep going with this into next year, aside from making the garden look fabulous the children really love it, but start to utilise more interesting objects as planters and features and also increase the variety of herbs we have as not only do they smell absolutely gorgeous, but they save me a few pennies too.  I love just popping out to the garden to cut a bit of fresh Rosemary to pop into our Sunday Joint.

I love this spoon basket hanger idea and it is a great example of something i'd love to do in our garden.

I'd also love to build a potting shed/storage area like this, or even better restore an old piece of furniture in exactly this way.  My Brother In Law has actually made a whole shed from wooden pallets so maybe I need to employ him to do it for me!

We have come a long way with our garden, but I would like to turn in into a real piece of paradise which can benefit the children and us.

To see more of my garden ideas please check out my "Dream Garden Ideas" Pinterest board.

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