Monday, 7 October 2013

Health and Beauty Review: HealGel Intensive

When I was offered HealGel for review I wasn't expecting a great deal, it's billed as a gel that soothed and aides repair of a multitude of skin problems anywhere on the body, however as you might have seen in my vlog review here of another skincare brand I have suffered with problem skin over the years and will give anything a go that might help counteract my breakouts. 
 "How great could it this product be?" I thought.  Turns out, pretty god damn great!
In the 3 weeks I've had the product not only have I used it on my face to sooth breakouts (my skin has been noticeably calmer since I've been using it), but I've also used it on a bunch of mosquito bites I got after a day out...and it was awesome.  It immediately took away the horrible itching and gave me such relief - and I even took it to bed with me!  According to the box it's the "Arnica and Madecassoside suspended with powerful peptides and biodynes that initiate the soothing and collagen boosting process" (So presumably it'll be good for my wrinkles when I start getting them too ;-))
HealGel comes in other varieties and I'd love to try these out when I have a few spare pennies.  The range is quite dear but I think this product is definitely worth the money if you have it to spend.
HealGel Intensive costs £37.50 for 30ml.
For more information on the HealGel range visit their website here.
Disclosure: I was sent this product for the purpose of this review, although all opinions are my own.


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