Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Where Does Time Go?

Tomorrow my baby girl turns 11.

My baby, my firstborn, my angel is going to be 11 years old.

I have thought back over the past 11 years and can't believe how fast it has gone.

I can't believe that in this time again she will be 21 - the age I was when I had her.

I cant say im not scared of her getting older, I am petrified. 
I am scared because things are like they were when I was a kid, it seems a so much harsher and harder world to grow up in. 
She's growing up too fast, I want time to slow down and for her to stay innocent and na├»ve forever. 

That's not going to happen though is it?

Instead I just hope she grows up knowing she is loved and appreciated, I want her to know that every day of my life I thank god for bringing me such a beautiful, clever child that makes me laugh every single day. 

I want her to have a happy and fulfilled life with no regrets. 

Whatever she chooses to do with her life, and whatever she becomes, all I want is for her to be comfortable in her own skin and make the most of every single minute.

Happy Birthday Baby



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  1. Aww lovely post! I wrote one very similar a few days ago...My daughter turned 11 yesterday!! They grow up too fast!!
    Hope you're daughter has a fab birthday x