Friday, 16 August 2013

My Week in Wins - 9th to 16th August '13

Back when I first started the blog I wrote this post about a very special hobby that I have had for many years... I love entering, and occasionally winning, competitions.  I wrote about a competition I had recently won and then started posting regularly about the wins I had had and how I had won them.  I haven't given up my hobby so I thought I might start featuring it a bit more here on TOYT, and even if my posts inspire one person to give competitions a go then I'd be happy.  It really is such a rewarding hobby and we have had countless experiences and products that we wouldn't have had if I hadn't won them.

Quite often I get asked by people how I manage to win regularly so this weekend I am going to sit and put together my top comping tips for beginners...stay tuned for that.

This week I have a fairly successful week and have received:

A Tickety Toc Sticker and Activity Book from Tickety Toc.

A case of Black Tower White and Rose Wine from Black Tower on Facebook.

A pair of Liverpool United Football Club Sunglasses.  These were from a company called Fan Frames and I specifically chose these as my Nephew is a big Liverpool fan and it is his birthday next week.

I have had a few other wins but not received them yet so I will wait for them to arrive before posting about them.
Do you enter competitions?  What is your best thing you have ever won?

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  1. Hi, I love entering competitions too, i haven't won anything this week but last week i won a fab prize of a BBQ with tools, 6 bottles of wine and a meat and bread hamper, 2 amber necklaces, a Smurfs set and a £20 amazon voucher.
    It's a great hobby but takes up a lot of my time, but that doesn't matter because i enjoy it so much.