Tuesday, 30 July 2013

My New Toy

 I have needed to get a new camera for ages, one of the children broke the lens on my last one some time ago and I have never bothered to go out and choose a replacement and have been relying on my iPhone since to take my photos.  However our trip to Blackpool is looming this weekend and with the amount we have to do there I knew that the time had come to bite the bullet and get a new one.  The choice is virtually limitless...digital compact, Bridge, SLR...I just didn't have a clue.  I love taking photos and would like to get better at doing so and I eventually went for this gorgeous Canon Powershot Bridge Camera.
I have been mucking about with it since I got in from work tonight and so far I'm really chuffed with it, it has an awesome zoom on it and loads of little features that make taking pictures a pleasure rather than just something that you do.  I'm just a bit gutted I didn't go and get it this morning before Chloe had her big moment at the Eurostar event today (I will write about that tomorrow!).
This is a picture I took tonight in my garden:
What do you think?  You know that all my posts are going to be rammed full of pictures now don't you?!


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