Tuesday, 30 July 2013

My Favourite Childhood Holiday

I don't have a good long term memory, I don't know why and I don't know how but I find it very difficult to remember a lot of things from my childhood and I certainly can't remember anything from before I was about 8.  I do remember though my most favourite holiday, it was a two week long summer trip to a caravan park on the Isle of Wight with my Mum and Dad when I was 10.  I am an only child and often got quite lonely as I found it difficult to make friends, holidays were no exception.  This particular holiday though there was another girl of my age, her name was Becky, in the caravan next door and we very quickly became firm friends.  We had a great first week mucking around and going to the "Kidz R Kool" Club every day...and come day 6 there was a huge ripple of excitement amongst all the kids as Clive and Martha (the v cool and extremely shell-suited club supervisors) announced they would be holding auditions for the talent show that was going to take place at the end of the 2nd week.  Becky and I looked at each other and just knew that this was our chance to shine.  We sat and thought for ages about what we were going to do for our audition and soon decided singing was our strongest combined talent...even though it really wasn't.  We should have gone with my Mums idea and chosen synchronised hula-hooping.  Surprisingly (to our parents in any case) we got through the auditions, we were to perform in 5 days and we needed to get our performance tight.  We practiced night and day, everywhere we went we sung our song, every waking moment was spent thinking about the big night....

The night came.  We wore our best ra-ra skirts and braces and sat backstage terrified waiting for our turn to be called.  We were called, we went up, we sang..albeit a bit shakily to begin with...but we sang, they clapped and we clambered back down the steps to our waiting families.  They assured us we had done brilliantly.  
We hadn't...we came nowhere.  A 5 year old body popping to "Do The Bartman" won it and we were devastated.
To this day I still put our defeat down to our poor judgement when choosing our song... so which amazing early 90's classic did we choose to showcase our amazing vocal abilities I hear you ask?....
We sang "Food Glorious Food".  Yes, the song from the film Oliver.  The one that goes on about custard and sausages and mustard.  What a pair of wally's.
Although we weren't victorious and I was seriously upset for at least 2 days it will always remain to be my favourite childhood holiday, the one where I sang Food Glorious Food in a ra-ra skirt.
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