Saturday, 20 July 2013

It's Nearly Over....

The School year that is...and I am filled with dread.
I am worrying about how I am going to manage to cobble together enough childcare to be able to still actually get into work a few days a week.  I work four days a week usually and am very fortunate not to have to pay for any wrap around childcare at all for my 3 eldest as I am there to drop them off and pick them up.  However in the summer holidays I am usually left with a huge hole that has to be filled with either annual leave or payed for childcare.  I approached a Childminder a few months ago about providing care for 3 children and was quoted £14 an hour....which would mean a weekly bill of over £300 for them alone - added to that my base rate childcare I have to pay for Grace every week anyway as she is with a Childminder all year round - albeit she is funded for half the week in term time as she is over 3.  How would that be possible for any "normal" working mother?  I saw a debate on breakfast television this week where they were asking if the government should be providing more subsidised childcare for people in the school holidays and there was a lady on there basically stating that if a mum of 2, 3 or 4 chooses to work then she should be responsible for paying the same rate of childcare as everyone else.  I am not saying that I should be paying less than everyone else, but everyone should be paying less regardless of how many children they have.  I work because we need me to work, and the fact that I am a mum of 4 should not deter me from doing so, however sometimes you have to wonder who's side the Government is on.  On one hand they want people to get out to work, mums with children over the age of 5 are no longer eligible to claim Income Support, but on the other hand they are not providing the affordable childcare facilities we need to be out there earning.
However, childcare issues aside, it will be lovely to have some extra time off with the children.  In 2 weeks time we are going to Blackpool on the trip that we won in the Tots100 Visit Blackpool competition...the kids are SO excited about it and can't wait to visit Blackpool Pleasure Beach and Nickelodeon Land especially.  As for me I'm looking forward to seeing some of my favourite celebs at Madame Tussauds, I've never even been to the one in London so it'll be a highlight for me.  We also get to visit Blackpool Zoo, Sea Life Blackpool and the Sandcastle Waterpark all thanks to our Blackpool Resort Passes...woo hoo! Stay tuned over the coming weeks for our verdict on all things Blackpool.
Later on in August we are going down to Cornwall, I have always wanted to go there and this year we decided to forgo our summer holiday abroad for a staycation down there instead.  Exciting times :-)
Happy holidays everyone.


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