Wednesday, 1 May 2013

The Photo Gallery: Self Portrait

The theme on The Sticky Fingers Blog Photo Gallery this week is "Self Portrait" and even though I have never joined in before I felt compelled to this week.
This photo was taken in 2005 by a good friend of mine on a night out.
This is me before I had my youngest 2 children.
This is me when I was skinny.
This is me when I had bag fulls of confidence.
This is me when I thought I could conquer the world.
This is me when I felt beautiful.
This is the me I look at now and cry because I don't know who that person is anymore.




  1. Sure you can still conquer the world..sad that it makes you cry :(

  2. It still is you. You're in there don't worry, you'll pop out again, right after you've finished cooking, washing, cleaning, tidying......

  3. you do look gorgeous and i bet you still do, you are just now a mummy who has low self esteem which i think a lot of us can relate too.That person is still you underneath i am sure x

  4. awww this is a lovely picture, dont be sad she is in there somewhere x

  5. Oh I'm sure you can find a bit of the old you somewhere.Just think of the person you've become since then.

  6. Thanks for being so upfront and so honest about the subject matter. I really feel like I have a better understanding now.