Monday, 13 May 2013

Review: Playfoam from Learning Resources (UK)

The Toothpaste Kids were sent this Playfoam combo pack (RRP £9.00) from Learning Resources (UK) last week to test out and they had a great time modelling the little foam beads into lots of weird and wonderful creations. It is an odd sensation to touch the balls as they are sticky but they do not leave any sort of sticky residue behind afterwards. It is a great alternative to the usual Playdoh or modelling clay as it doesn't stick to walls, carpets or clothes.  Playfoam is recommended from ages 3+, which I think is good as younger children might try and eat it (although it is non-toxic).  I loved the colours that came in our multi-pack, and the kids did too - there were colours for the boys and the girls! You can also mix the colours together to make multi-coloured creations too.  Playfoam also offers longevity as opposed to other types of modelling materials as it never dries out meaning it can be moulded again and again.
Learning Resources also state that this product promotes sensory perception and fine motor skill development, and I can understand this as the kids loved the texture and were really engrossed in pinching it together to make their creations.  It is a great way to do messy play without the mess!
The kids thought this product was great and I've just been able to pop it in a bag in the drawer until the next time they want to play with it without the risk of it drying out.
You can buy the Playfoam Combo Pack from the Learning Resources website. They also have a fab competition on their Facebook page to win one of five packs for yourself.
Disclosure: The Toothpaste Kids received a pack of Playfoam for review purposes, all opinions are our own.


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