Monday, 20 May 2013

Meal Planning Monday

This is my first entry on Meal Planning Monday as I actually only started meal planning last week when it dawned on me I needed to start cutting my food bill down massively. Due to rising costs, and the approach of the summer holidays, it's become apparent that spending £130 per week on food is just not feasible.  Last week went really well actually and I'm very proud of myself for sticking to it and not caving in on it - not even a McD's after swimming on Saturday!  I managed to do our weekly food shop for £70 plus another £10ish on milk/bread top that's definitely progress.
Monday: H/M Fish, Chips & Peas
Tuesday: Baked chicken drumsticks (spicy for us), Pasta Bake & Garlic Bread
Wednesday: H/M Burgers, Wedges & Sweetcorn
Thursday: Shepherds Pie & Veg
Friday: Pitta Pizzas
Saturday: Lasagne, Wedges & Salad
Sunday: Omelette or Sausages, Chips & Beans (we almost always have a roast on a Sunday but we've got loads on this week so I wont be able to fit it in I don't think)
Meal Planning Monday


  1. Well done on the money saving! Makes such a difference planning what you are going to have and sticking to it doesn't it :)

  2. Everything sounds great!!
    Meal planning really does seem to save money...Does for me
    Have a great week x

  3. Meal planning really does save money, I hardly throw anything away now. You are now the second person to say they are having lasagne, it is making me feel really hungry.

  4. Meal planning is helping me not to waste food but I think for two adults and a baby we still spend too much - think we need to reign in our eating! Loving the sound of your meals. Have a good week x

  5. I really should try to plan meals like this. x

  6. Since moving in with my boyfriend we have had to plan meals due to not having much money. It really does work well though.

    New follower through Bloglovin :D