Monday, 13 May 2013

Happy Birthday Alfie

5 years ago I was going about my business as usual, 1 week overdue with you.
You were my 3rd baby, and my 2nd son, and I couldn't wait for you to come out and meet us.
I had planned a homebirth and was desperately hoping that when I did go into labour I would be able have the labour I wanted, the tarpaulin and old bed sheets were ready to go!
At 5pm I started to feel the first twinges, mild at first but quickly they became stronger.
I called the Midwife and she made the short journey to our house.
She examined me and told me I wasn't in established labour so she was going to leave and I should call her back if I needed her. 
We put Chloe and Charlie to bed and soon the contractions were so strong they took my breath away.

Within 90 minutes I was ready to push and the Midwife was on the way back to the house.
2 minutes after she arrived you were born on our living room floor, all 9lbs 6oz's of you.  The Midwife didn't even have time to put the Gas & Air together! 
By 8.30pm we were sat on the sofa with you, not quite believing what had happened.
Happy 5th Birthday Alfie, my little whirlwind from the moment you decided it was time to come into the world, we all love you so very much.


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