Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Why I love Pinterest....

I have a new love and it is called Pinterest. Pinterest is an amazing online scrapbook that allows you to believe you can be anything you want to be, opening up exciting and amazing possibilities.  It allows me to pin my way to the life I want to lead, ranging from things I would love to own to wonderful parenting methods and meals I wish I had the time to try.  Of course you get the annoying people on there who like to pin things about 10,000 sit ups a day workout regimes and mung bean smoothie recipes, but I can easily skip those and concentrate on the pretty cakes and pork pies.  I find myself pinning lots of quotes and inspirational phrases, wonderous of their deep and meaningful words and wishing my life was full of zen and calm, my favourite being this one:

It just makes me want to punch the air and shout "BOOM YEAH, BRING IT ON!"
(with an American accent, natch).
Or how about this for an awesome parenting/travel/I would if I had the time or patience idea:
Turn a wipes case into felt board, glue felt to the back and store the picture pieces inside. 

I like to follow all the brands I love and regularly buy from because it allows me to see all their products on one page rather than having to flick through the web onto all different websites, and if anything takes your fancy all you need to do is click.  Simple as peas.

I have also discovered fairly recently it is a great source of competitions, and I love a good competition!  It allows you to be as creative as you want and there's much better chance of actually winning something.  Compared to Facebook, for example, there are not many people entering Pinterest competitions as yet (although I'm sure this is going to slowly change as more and more people realise how awesome it is).  A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to win £150 to spend at Maxwell and Williams after winning their Tea Party competition with this board.  It took me about two weeks to get it how I wanted it, but it was well worth it when I received my beautiful new tea set and pans.  

I will continue to use Pinterest and let it inspire and drive me to make some really useful changes in our lives....or I might just sit and look at pretty things I can't afford.  Either way, Pinterest is here to stay.

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