Friday, 19 April 2013

Fashion Fix Thursday?! You can say that again!

Yesterday I had confirmation I have won £500 to spend at and I still can't quite believe it!  I love fashion and this is just a dream come true for me.

I have been browsing their site since yesterday afternoon and I'm still none the wiser as to what I'm going to buy.  There are so many absolutely gorgeous things on there I am really in a quandary.  I am not someone who regularly buys designer clothes, we have never have the money, although I have a love for DKNY handbags going back about 10 years and I have owned at least 13 in that time.  I currently use a brown Town & Country across body bag like this at the weekends.  My work bag is a large black studded leather tote from Dorothy Perkins.  The ironic thing about this win is that I was looking wistfully at second-hand Marc Jacobs bags on Ebay just weeks ago and was bidding on one, although the price ultimately went too high.  I know I'd also like to buy a pair of sunglasses and they have some beautiful Ray Ban Aviators on the site, Aviators are definitely my style when it comes to sunnies.  If figure if I invest the money into really beautiful accessories they will last me years right?  If I was to choose clothing my style might change (or I might get fatter!) and it wouldn't be any good anymore.  I want pieces that I can wear and love and that will last forever.

I've put together a little Pinterest board here of items that I love, have a look and tell me what you'd buy! Please?!?!


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