Saturday, 13 April 2013

My cat...that isn't actually my cat

The day we moved into our current house, about 6 months ago, we'd just started unpacking and Chloe called me from her bedroom.

Her: "There's a cat outside my window!"  Her window overlooks a flat roof.

Me:  "It'll belong to one of the neighbours, just ignore it"

Fast forward 6 months....


I've never owned a cat in my life, we always had dogs when I was growing up, so I have been surprised by the downright brazenness of this animal.  I am shocked by the way he has adopted us as his own, whether we like it or not, and is determined to become one of the family.  I have been very soft with him, I admit that, but my problem is that I don't actually know who he belongs to.  What if he belonged to someone who used to live here and has travelled miles to come back to the house and doesn't know his way back?  That's why I began to feed him, all I was thinking was "What if he hasn't got anyone else to feed him? He's going to starve!" (Probably not true).  He is in the house most days now, and if he's not here he's sitting on the wheelie bin outside the back door.  He is great with the kids and I love having him around, but it's weird having an animal and not knowing anything about it.  When he first started coming round he was wearing a collar, but about 6 weeks ago it disappeared and he hasn't got a replacement as yet.  I'm thinking about going to Pets At Home today and getting one of those tags printed up saying "If I belong to you please call 07*** ******" and putting my mobile number on it...that way the next time he does go out, and its turned out he only lives 2 doors away, I wont feel bad as I know he's got somewhere to go - and if no one calls then maybe someone somewhere is missing him and I can try and get him back to where he belongs.  What do I do?   


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