Wednesday, 5 October 2011

My biggest pet peeve is....

Perusing the BritMums Blog tonight I came across the blog prompt for this week "My biggest pet peeve is....." and was immediately inspired to write a post of my top 5 pet peeves.

5.  My family putting non-recycling in the recycling bin and vice versa.  It's really not that difficult to put your waste in the right bin, with the exception of Alfie and Grace there shouldn't be a problem, and if in doubt JUST ASK ME!!  Otherwise come Wednesday morning (rubbish day) I'm the one donning my Marigolds fishing out dirty nappies and congealed Baked Beans from the recycling bags coz the bin men won't take them if I leave it in there.

4.  Not replacing the toilet roll when you've used the last piece.  Again, with the exception of the 2 youngest there's really no need at all not to replace the toilet roll...especially when the replacements are right behind you.  It's just lazy.

3.  Foxes/cats (that don't belong to me!) ripping apart my bin bags and pooing on the contents.  My fault for not always putting the bin bags in the big box thing? Yes, probably.  However I still dont appreciate my lawn being strewn with rubbish and having to clear up indistinguishable poo....having to do the dogs is bad enough!

2.  When a mobile phone goes off on the TV and you know, for sure, that phone doesn't make that noise.  Does anyone else know what I mean here?  E.G Someone on the tele gets a text on their mobile, the noise that indicates said text is from an old style Nokia phone *BEEP BEEP, BEEP BEEP*, however the phone their holding is categorically NOT a Nokia phone.  Do your homework, continuity people.

1.  Drivers parking in Mother and Baby spaces when they don't have a baby...or in fact, any kids at all!  To me it's on a par with parking in a disabled space when there's nothing wrong with you.  M&B spaces are there for a reason, because we need more space, but because you don't need to have a special badge to park in one people think it's OK to just abuse them. 

So that's it, my top 5 pet peeves.....what are yours?


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