Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Mammy's Monday Music Meme

I've been looking for a music related Meme for ages, and i've finally found one! I love music and my tastes are varied and diverse.  I love music that means something, that is written with passion and emotion.  My musical taste doesn't recognise age, be warned!  I hope you like what I post, and if not...I at least hope you can appreciate it for what it is, bloody good music.

For my very first post on this Meme i'm going to feature the gorgeous Ed Sheeran...he's recently been in the charts with the song "The A Team".  I got Ed's album "+" because I think he's got a beautiful voice and I loved his first single, and I wasn't disappointed.  Every song on the album tells a story of some sorts, and the song that moved me most is this one "Small Bump".  Ed is singing about an unborn baby, and the first time I listened to it it actually made me cry (I know, what a wuss!)....listen, and enjoy.

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