Tuesday, 6 September 2011

My Weight Loss Journey

My weight has gone up and down over the years, I've had 4 babies in the last 9 so its bound to have done.  I'm not a massive over eater, although I used to eat alot of the wrong things at the wrong times (white toast with lashings of butter at midnight anyone? Yes Please!) and this coupled with the fact that I didn't always lose all my baby weight with one before falling with another meant after having Grace I was the heaviest I had ever been at nearly 12 stone and pushing a size 16 - I felt so unhappy in myself that I decided once and for all to do something about it.

An acquaintance had told me about a clinic she had found who had prescribed her slimming pills in order for her to lose weight, she'd lost about 1/2 a stone in a few weeks and immediately it was something I wanted to look into myself.  At my first visit to the clinic I was seen by a Dr who took my medical history and monitored my blood pressure and alike.  After assessing me a suitable candidate for help according to my BMI he prescribed me with a weeks worth of medication (at a cost of £20) which he explained were an appetite suppressant that would alter the chemicals in my brain so that, basically, I wouldn't want to eat.  He was right, I didn't, and when I went back to see him a week later I was 5lbs lighter.  The feeling was so odd when I was on them, you could have had a veritable feast put in front of you and you wouldn't want to touch any of it!  I had my breakfast about 9.30 after taking the children to school and then would take my pill - all together I guess I wasn't eating any more than around 900 calories a day.  It wasn't all dreamy, I found it hard to sleep for the first week....not good when you're trying to deal with 4 kids the next day.  However, for me the results I was seeing was worth it. 

Lots of people will disagree with what I did, and I agree that if you eat sensibly and exercise you will lose weight - but life's not that simple is it?  When you've got children there isn't always time to exercise, or if you're craving something its all too easy to give in.....I may have not done it the "right way", but it worked for me and I make no apologies for it.  I may not have sweated blood and tears but I've got to the end unscathed and 3 dress sizes smaller.  Most importantly, I have my self confidence back.  I'm not going to name the clinic, or the medication, but I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone - and have done many times. 

I was on the pills for a total of 11 weeks and I lost 29lbs in total and I haven't taken one for over 6 months and had only minimal gain (usually when I've got PMT!).  I try to watch what I eat more now, I'm terrified of feeling as I did 8 or 9 months ago about myself ever again...however I doubt I will - I'm not planning on having any more children so I guess that's most of the equation solved ;-)


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