Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Baking made simple with Greens.

I, unfortunately, am no baker (hence the reason why I paid someone else to make the cupcakes for Chloe's birthday last week!).  I don't know why I've never been any good, I just haven't.  I don't think its my tools, or my oven....everything I do just turns out crap!  Maybe it's because my heart doesn't really lay in cake - I haven't got the passion for it because I don't really like it.  Although, even though I don't like it, the kids DO.  They like making it and they like eating it, so when Alfie spotted this Greens Dennis & Gnasher chocolate cake kit in the supermarket the other day we decided to give them a whirl.

Now Grace, Alfie and I let loose in the kitchen with a electric whisk could normally be recipe for disaster, but on this occasion much fun was had by all.  There was very little I actually needed to do to convert the contents of the box into a dozen chocolate cupcakes, it was all very merely had to add your own bit of butter, milk and an egg.  Alfie felt very grown up when I allowed him to whisk the egg into the cake mix supplied.

After a good whizz up we popped the mixture into the oven for about 10 minutes and **TA-DA** we were presented with some lovely little burnt bits either!  Whilst the cakes were cooking Alfie and Grace amused themselves by licking out the bowl, it'd be rude not to I suppose!

After they cooled down we decorated them with the icing and Dennis & Gnasher edible stickers supplied.  Alfie was tremendously impressed with our efforts, as you can see. 

He also loved the stickers and activity sheet that came in the box.

If you're a bit rubbish at baking like I am, you can't get much simpler than one of these kits and the kids absolutely loved it.  We shall definitely give them a go again in the future.  As I said earlier, I don't really "do" cake, but the kids have demolished them all already so they must have tasted good too!


  1. we've just been sent some Greens cake mixes to try & however much I like 'real' cakes I can't help but like the box mixes, they're just so easy to do with kids aren't they. I hope you can join in with my 'cooking with your toddler' Linky next week, you may not make your own from scratch but you've cooked with your kids & that's what it's all about

  2. Awwww thanks for the comment Helen, that sounds great..i'm going to come check it out now x