Monday, 29 August 2011

What do you think a mum of 4 looks like....?

Last week I went for a job interview, right from the off I was honest with them about having 4 children - I don't wear  rose tinted glasses and I do know it would put some potential employers off (I don't think it did, thankfully).  This week I was called back for a "trial day", which meant I had to go and visit various other departments, other than my own, and see in detail what they do there.  In the first department we went to I met my (potential) department managers husband (who manages it), and one of the first things he said to me is "I can't believe you've got 4 kids!", he'd obviously heard from his wife of my familial situation and assessed me accordingly before ever setting eyes on me.  However, his observation got me thinking...what is a mum of 4 supposed to look like??

Now, having 4 under 9 isn't an easy job - there's always someone crying, moaning, screaming or hitting their brother/sister (perhaps this explains why I was at the job interview in the first place!) but I didn't immediately become Hilda Ogden or similar as soon as I had my 4th baby.  I like to look after myself and wear fashionable clothes (although it's usually Primarni these days as opposed to Reiss or French Connection as it used to be), I go to the gym when I can and recently lost some weight.  However, when people meet me i'm not quite sure why, alot of the time, they're shocked to find out i'm a mum of 4.  What do they expect?  Should I be wearing a tracksuit (or perhaps even my PJ's) or have completely grey hair?  Don't get me wrong, sometimes I like to pull on my comfy trews and Uggs as much as the next girl - but 4 kids or not, i'm still ME.  So come on, when you think of a mum of 4 (or 5, 6 or 7 - god forbid, no offence!) what do YOU think of?

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  1. Hiya popping over from love new blogs, I have no idea of what i think a mum of 4 looks like , i think its more of a mans thing to have idea of what they expect you to look like . Fab post xx

  2. Hi, found you via Love New Blogs. I think that a mum of 1, 2, 3 .....8 however many cannot have any image attached to them. I don't know why anyone pre-judges how someone can look based on the number of children they have. I see mums of 4 at school looking amazing & naturally fit and I see mums of 1 looking bedraggled. It shouldn't matter either way. An interesting post!x x

  3. Just sounds like a very clumsy compliment. Some people don't think before they speak. At least it's better than my FIL - the other day they had dug out my wedding video - he looked at it - looked at me and then said "so that's what having 3 kids does to you!' Nice.

    Also found your blog through Love New Blogs.

  4. As a mum to 8 I always get the 'oh you don't look like a mum of 8 comment'
    What am I supposed to look like !? The old woman who lived in a shoe perhaps !!!

  5. Yes I get that too - oh you don't look like a mother of 5! Like you, I've often pondered what a mother of more than 3 children should look like. Harassed and worn looking perhaps? Take it as a compliment, as it's probably intended.

    I found you on Love New Blogs too :)

  6. I'm with 1978rebecca - I think it was probably an attempt at a compliment.
    Gorgeous blog! (I, too, found you on Love New Blogs)