Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Brother Max 4 in 1 Trainer Cup - Review

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to win a competition on Facebook run by Brother Max (you had to describe your favourite thing about summer, and I must admit that the poem I submitted was truly a masterpiece ;-)), and my prize was 3 items from their feeding range.  I thought for the purpose of my very first review on this blog I would talk about the Brother Max 4 in 1 Trainer Cup.

Grace was still on a bottle (day and night - slap my wrists!), she did occasionally pick up the other kids sports bottles but otherwise she showed no interest in anything other than her bottle. 

Looking at the cup in the box it was unlike anything I'd ever had for the children before, it is very modern with large handles protruding from the front and a large conical latex teat.  It certainly looks funky, and very modern - I feel quite proud producing this from my bag for Grace, rather than a tatty bottle.

The USP of this cup is that it can be used 4 different ways, so ideal for the growing toddler:

1. Full weaning cup with teat and handles (can be used from 4 months)
2. Weaning cup without handles
3. Weaning cup with handles and sipper ring
4. Proper cup without teat and handles

We've only used it so far as a full weaning up as this is how Grace likes to use it, and she is only 18 months, but in time I expect for her to progress to using it without the teat.


A major advantage for me in her now using this is that the non-spill teat means no more milk to be mopped up after she decides to throw it down suddenly (as she does....alot).  It is also completely dishwasher safe and can be fully disassembled for this purpose.
We love this new addition to the household, and I'm delighted Grace seems to have ditched the bottle for good, but there are a few very minor things I'd point out.  It is designed to be on the small side to make it easier for babies to use, however I think I'd prefer it to be slightly larger to avoid having to find refills when you're out and about.  The cup comes in a standard unisex red/orange colour combination, but it would be nice if you could have a choice of colours.  Alfie could potentially use this cup too (and sometimes does when Grace or I aren't looking!) and it would be nice to be able to differentiate between their respective cups if I was to purchase one for him as well.

RRP of this cup is £5.99, which is very competitive considering it can be adapted to use from weaning to toddlerhood.  Overall, a fantastic buy for anyone looking for a weaning or toddler cup.

For more information on this, and other Brother Max products please see their website http://www.brothermax.com/.

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  1. Its a great cup isn't it! We have one too! xx