Monday, 1 August 2011

My secret....

I'm addicted to competitions.  There, I said it.  I've been a "Comper" on and off for around 6 years and until recently it's not something I really talked much about.  I have always been conscious of looking a bit sad for sitting on my computer for hours on end entering prize draws.

I've had varying success over the years, my biggest prize to date was a £2000 holiday voucher, which I used to pay for a week in the Caribbean...however I've also had lots of lovely smaller wins and I've been on a real lucky streak recently after having stepped up my efforts around 6 months ago.  Last week I was very lucky to win £250 of camping gear from Pink Lady Apples with this photo of Alfie on our trip on Kent Life:

It's a weekly comp (with 3 left to run) so if you enjoy taking snaps anyway it's well worth investing in a Pink Lady or two for this purpose!  Some of the entries were so random I knew that this had a decent chance, and I'm chuffed to have won!

I tend to stick to one website to source the competitions I enter -  It covers online, email, text and phone comps...I could spend all day on there if I had time!  I have recently been getting alot of lovely blog comps (a fairly new thing to me) from the lovely Di over at Super Lucky , an inspirational lady who has had MEGA success over the years!  Twitter is also proving fairly lucrative for me at the moment, even though it is getting more difficult to win as more and more people are catching on.  I am also a new subscriber to Compers News, a monthly newsletter/mag which has loads of great features on my hobby as well as as fab round up of postcard entry comps - which I'd never entered before I got the mag.

In time I hope of offer lots of lovely comps on this blog, as I love entering them so much myself, but we'll have to cross our fingers it takes off first :-)

I have one rule when it comes to the competitions I enter: I only ever enter to win things I want for either myself or my family, I don't believe in entering to win things I neither want nor need and I think if all Compers adopted the same philosophy there might be a few more wins for us all.


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